Our History

In 2013, when the Ghana government introduced the policy of three months arrears payment, it affected a wide range of Ghanaian Teachers across the country. This resulted in the formation of various pressure groups decrying unfairness and the harsh nature of the policy.

The groups contended that teaching in Ghana has not been palatable as successive governments had failed to treat teachers with some level of dignity and fairness. There were regional demonstrations and the formation of social media platforms especially Whatsapp Groups to drum home their concerns. The groups also blamed the existing teacher unions for not acting in good faith in favour of their members.

It is doing this time that the idea for the formation of All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) became necessary. Initially, it was Action Teachers Alliance and later assumed the current name due to directives from the labour department. ATAG began as a social media pressure group and later steps were taken to transform the rich ideas into forming a teacher association. The alliance was founded on the principles of empowerment and safeguarding the common interest of teachers. Its formation was championed by Mr Isaac Ofori who through the advocacy campaign collectively brought members together to start the ATAG.

ATAG was incorporated in June 2016 and became a fully-fledged teacher union in September of the same year. In 2018, ATAG advanced to the Controller and Accountant General’s Department (CAGD) through an introductory letter by Ghana Education Service (GES) to enable members to pay dues and join the union at the source (TPRS). ATAG also allow members to pay a welfare fund to promote welfare activities. Among the welfare activities include low-interest rates on loans, maternity leave allowance, and no interest rates hire purchase and among others. ATAG believes in empowering teachers and making feel self-worth in the teaching profession.

ATAG has a working constitution with three tiers of leadership: National, Regional and District. A National Executive Council (NEC) is comprised of National And Regional Leaderships. The highest decision body is the Conference, which comprises all-district executives. Currently, the interim National Executives are Mr Isaac Ofori (Chairman), Elizabeth Densua (Vice-Chairman), Mr Albert Dadson Amoah (General Secretary), Sarah Yeboah Mensah (Treasurer) and Franklin Cudjoe Kwetey (Administrative Officer). Our motto is “Empowering Teachers”. Our greeting is “Be Empowered”, “The Teacher is the Reason”.

ATAG has an operational office Odorkor opposite the Odorkor Police MTTU in the same building as J. A Biney.

our aim

Empowering teachers and safeguarding their collective interest.