Fellow teachers, once more GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT have begun their typical rants, this time mocking the Ministry of Education (MOE) for choosing what they called an unqualified banker to hold the job of Director General (DG). They contend that because Dr Eric Nkansah has no foundational knowledge of GES and does not match the organogram for the career track, he is not deserving of such an appointment.

We find it surprising that teacher unions led by their national officers were unable to conduct background checks and even determine whether this new DG qualifies using employability rather than suitability in this age of knowledge and research. Strangely, they are raising hell over Dr Nkansah’s appointment. Their raving is puzzling since they are disparaging the new DG’s character and giving the impression that he is unfit for the job.
The reason these unions have raised concerns about Dr Nkansah’s hiring is that they claim he is not up to speed on the fundamentals of GES. The unions are acting primarily on impulse rather than factual evidence of intent.

We consider their stance absurd and out of step with current logic and accountability. Their upset stem from the believe that Dr Nkansah is a political opportunist who is using the Minister of Education as a prop to rule over alleged “UNION OLD MEN.” Leaders of the three unions were repulsed by the new DG’s age, who is barely 45 years old, and they feel too haughty to be dictated to by a “YOUNG MAN.”

We consider Dr Nkansah’s appointment to be proper and timely, and we base this judgment entirely on the fact that he is employable, not because of any perceived inadequacy. We think he has come to make room for smart, capable young teachers who have been excluded from power structures’ decision-making processes. He deserves our congratulations, and we admonish him to maintain his composure and ignore the everyday impulsive actions of GNAT, NAGRAT, and CCT-GH. When it’s convenient for them, they sing praises; when it’s not, hell must unleash. What connection do teacher unions have to the appointment of the DG? The nomination of DGs is not a matter for teacher unions to decide, and we find the three unions’ actions to be wholly inappropriate and reprehensible.

Isaac Ofori
National Chairman
All Teachers Alliance Ghana