ATAG has the sole aim of empowering teachers and safeguarding their collective interest and deviating from the traditional way of managing the affairs of teachers.


We believe strongly that representing the collective interest of grassroots teachers is the only way to seek their true welfare and that protecting the rights of members and helping raise their standard of living will help lift the image and dignity of the teaching profession.

our stance

We in the All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) stand for the following and pledge our commitment to making sure our members enjoy the best of welfare while they are in active service.
(1) Welfare Fund contribution is a collective pool of resources that can be used to assist one another to promote a higher standard of living.

(2) We are committed to empowering our members to own houses, drive decent cars; businesses etc while in active service to enable them to influence their society and the country as a whole.
(3) Investments and businesses will be made available to members as much as possible.
(4) Members have the right to choose investment packages and plan to enable them to reap the benefits directly.
(5) We are committed to keeping our loan interest rate as low as possible. ATAG is not a financial institution, it’s a welfare association. Our loan interest is 8% annual and shall be reduced further, when our numbers increased to 7000, to as low as 5%
(6) Members can access hire purchases with items ranging from hardware to electronics at no interest rate.

ATAG! Empowering Teachers
ATAG! Be Empowered
ATAG! The Teacher is the Reason

our aim

Empowering teachers and safeguarding their collective interest