Unionism is all about the welfare and progress of members. When unionism becomes an institution, members don’t feel the impact of their belongingness. For this reason, we in the All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) has pledged our commitment of ensuring that WELFARE becomes our core mandate to support the wellbeing of our members.
We are offering an alternative for your progress as a teacher. With ¢25 monthly welfare contribution (mutual fund), you can be sure of enjoying the most important union treat ever in your lifetime.

As a union and with the power to make life comfortable for our members, we have crafted policies that are solely geared towards the welfare of our members such as maternity leave allowance, sick leave access, you-decide hire purchase, low interest rates on loans and still adding.

With our 8% annual interest rate on every loan amount (will reduce further when membership increases), you have a choice to chance on the best opportunity to ease the pressure on your salary. ATAG is here with the mission of ensuring members are empowered and that the teacher must always be the reason why a union must exist.

Join us through the and become part of the BEST WELFARE COMMUNITY UNION and you will never regret it.

Read more on our website or send us a mail or call 0241871847 for more enquiries.

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