Teachers are always deceived into believing that they will be destitute during their pension days. These deceptions force many of them to unwillingly join or get trapped in certain unions funds or insurance company policies. To them, they will get extra money in addition to their Tier I and II to overcome this so-called “pension destitution”. So we ask teachers about “What is the living condition of teachers who are on a pension and their state of living?”. Some of them had finished squandering their pension money within a short pace because they will either have a house to renovate or children yet to complete their education to cater for or build a new home or had invested in a wrong business. It’s a gospel truth that ¢30,000 in the next ten years will devalue to ¢10,000 or even less. So if all your weight is on pension return as a teacher then you might be missing some real opportunities in terms of which union you must join.

For instance, why would some teachers accept to be deducted ¢100 monthly in the name of union contribution and get an interest rate of 16% or more annual on the loan amount? They claim that the said union is more than secured and you will get a pension package when you are leaving the profession with them. This is serious. This kind of choice determines why some teachers cannot make use of real opportunities. Let me enlighten any teacher reading this piece of information. For example, you decide to go for a loan of ¢20,000 from this your union deducting you ¢100 monthly with a rate of 16% for 3 years. The interest on the amount is ¢9,600 for the 3 years. If you stay with that union all your entire teaching life and you go for ¢20,000 some four times, it means per the interest on the amount (¢9,600) and all things being equal, you will be paying ¢38,000 in all on the ¢80,000 total amount (20,000 four times). So if you go on pension and that union tells you you are entitled to some ¢30,000 dividends on your entire contributions, indirectly it is your own money that has been saved for you in the form of the interest you have paid (this amount will have lost significant value as well by then)

It’s not that teachers do not have alternatives, they do but the problem is trust and the ever ringing deception of pension destitution. What’s trust? There’s no union on the payslip that can be classified as not trustworthy. Because CAGD will not allow fraudsters or scammers to mount their platforms. CAGD has a good system in place to check all these things. The mischief and lies have been that some unions are not credible. Close your ears to childish admonitions and listen to how you can cash on every single opportunity.

If a union is deducting ¢100 monthly, remember there’s an alternative that’s lower deducting ¢40 monthly. The ¢100 union is giving a loan at a rate of 16%, the alternative is giving a loan at a rate of 8%. In principle, given the opportunity cost, which one should be your best bet, the ¢40 monthly deduction stands a sure bet. This good opportunity is mostly ignored by teachers and they keep themselves stuck in a particular union with the mindset they will get pension remuneration or the union is a mother and trustworthy. Remember, unionism is all about the welfare of the teacher, so if you can be served better now and you can do everything you want to do before pension, what’s the big deal. If it must be done, it must be done now.

We in the All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) is offering the best opportunity for the teacher as a sure alternative to all your misery and frustrations. We believe in the welfare of teachers and our policies had been tailored to ensure that our members enjoy the best of the opportunities whilst in active service. We are committed to giving welfare loans at 8% annual interest and even reducing it further to 5% if more teachers put their trust in us and join this biggest welfare train. Our motive is geared toward making the teacher the centre of attraction and not a certain institutional structure. Join the All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) and let us together forge a common future of total and true welfare and in seeking total financial freedom for all teachers. ATAG! The Teacher is always the reason.

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