As a teacher you have been told by President Nana Addo that you cannot be a millionaire. I want you to reject this negative confession and listen to this new hope.
When you want to become rich as a teacher, you need some level of financial freedom whilst in active service.

It is important to note that your affordability and access to loans are non-negotiable. Note also that you don’t need to put all your weight on pension money because pension money cannot guarantee you the best financial security in Ghana and in Africa as a whole.
Your focus is to maximize the best opportunity that comes to your table and make good use of it.
Many deductions go on our payslip that enable us get affordability to access loans. To get affordability, some deductions must be blocked or stopped to your advantage. Now you must consider the most important deductions too.

Union dues and funds are one of the important deductions. They are important because they allow you to access quite a lower rate loans. With this too, you MUST BE SMART and choose the one that will serve your current needs not the future. YOU KNOW WHY, TIER I AND II ARE FULLY WORKING OUT YOUR PENSION NEEDS. So there’s no need to add up another pension need because your financial obligations keeps on increasing everyday.

Here is a financial wisdom. Some unions dues+fund put together is too high and that affect your affordability by 25-30%. These unions are also offering loans at a rate between 16-45% (1-3yrs). Others have dues + fund put together affecting only 2-5% of your affordability and offer loan between 8-24% (1-3yrs).

As a teacher, you must first consider your BEST INTEREST. Unions provide welfare services, they neither pay teachers nor remunerate them. It does not matter which union you belong to, you are all treated the same by the government. Never have we heard the government is paying some union members more than the others. So close your ears to ill childish propaganda.

Thankfully, controller has made change of unions very easy. You don’t have to stick to where your interest is little managed or where you pay for more for higher rate. Look for the one that you can easily maximize affordability through affordable and low rate loans.
I will recommend teachers who want to become millionaires to change to the union which is willing to let you pay less and get lower rate on loans.

All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) is here to lead you to becoming a millionaire. ATAG runs union dues and welfare fund at ¢40 (15 dues + 25 welfare funds) and gives you a loan at 8% annual. Now this is the magic, if you are able access ATAG loan of ¢5000 each year for four years, you will be paying only 32% on ¢20,000 for 48 months. This is the lowest rate ever you can ever get among all the unions. That’s contribute less and get smaller rate on bigger amounts.

This is not a Ponzi Scheme, it’s a welfare association. Your welfare is our uttermost concern. We call this total welfare for ATAG members. ATAG knows the plights of the profession and has decided not to worsen them. We encourage every teacher who wants to take advantage of this opportunity to join ATAG through the by changing your union to the ALL TEACHERS ALLIANCE GHANA and contributing only ¢40 to qualify for affordable welfare loans.