[vc_row][vc_column][vc_column_text]By King Ofori

I have been wondering about how many teachers in Ghana can boast of riches and good living. If there’s then we are waiting for statistics to prove the facts or even otherwise.

Personally, I have no idea any individual in the country who teaches and he or she is worth not less than ¢500,000 ($125,000), sitting comfortably in his or her bank account.

The level of marginalization is huge and it will take a herculian task for any teacher to amass wealth to the tune of $125,000 before going on pension.
Perhaps a demonstration will give my readers a better understanding of the facts on the ground.

If a teacher ranked Principal Superintendent should deny himself/herself food and water as well as clothing for ten years (of which it’s not possible) he or she will worth ¢192,000 (1.92 billion old Ghana Cedis).

It’s sad many of us will end up leading just normal life with normal family, normal car and normal house.

It is difficult for us to even dream about anything above normal life, we have sadly accepted our normal life and see riches and good living as perspectives instead of reality.

We could hardly build a house (let alone a mansion), drive the latest car and even give our children the best of education to PhD or to the medical school.

We are told our reward is divine and that when you talk of real riches, no ordinary teacher could possibly rise up to that stage.

It’s sad to mention that our remuneration packages as professionals, in the face of the current economic turbulence, is just a peanut and a palpable insult to our dignity.

Unfortunately, we have some unions who are busily working to deepen our plights.

They continue to amass wealth and property with monies they take from us and leave us destitute. Afterall who cares?

Unfortunately, we have given a certain union, which manages huge sums of our money the advantage to feast on our desperation , deciding anything at all with it.

These are intellectual dweebs who through so called bargaining power have taken us for a ride for our own monies.
I think it hard time we awaken from the long slumber of marginalisation and petty living and demand for proper living standards that can make us befitting professionals in the society.

We must come out from any union enslaving us with lies and using our monies for their own parochial gains rather than the bigger interest of we the ordinary teachers. They should have been running good investment on our behalf for us to get additional income and riches.

Some invicible hands are secretly working our marginalisation and pushover every day making sure teachers remain sailent beggars in the society.

I challenge every teacher in Ghana to allow the scale to fall from his or own her eyes, rise up from the mud and wash off the dirt the society has smeared on us.

If we don’t rise up today, our future generations will blame us for their suffering because we have every opportunity to change the rhythm of today’s music.
Any teacher who believes in riches and good living and does not subscribe to normal life, should join us, a new crop of teachers, who want to influence our society with wealth, riches and power.

We in the All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) believe in riches, wealth creation, empowerment and financial freedom and everything we will do as an alliance is geared towards these things and nothing else.

We are working for money and not to be begging for money.

ATAG! The Teacher is the Reason[/vc_column_text][/vc_column][/vc_row]