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On the early hours of Tuesday, 26th June, 2018, teachers woke up in the morning only to be greeted with some ¢10 SIC insurance policy deduction on their payslips.
This had come to us as a surprise because majority of us knew nothing about it.

We believe this is utterly insult to the service and we do not know who and who arrived at the conclusion that teachers lives can be bettered through ¢10 insurance policy.
What is even dangerous is that we learnt the government is subsidizing this policy and is offering a so called premium.

We are wondering which of the parties: government, GES or Teacher Unions, initiated the process and why teachers were not briefed on the policy before enrollment. We think this kind of treatment meted out to teachers all the time symbolizes how low the profession is being held in esteem in this our country. Teachers surely are not respected in this country considering how our employers treat us with disdain.

We reject the idea of any insurance that seeks to further degrade our profession. If the government really means well for us, he should have sticked to the original plan rather than deducting ¢10 from our meagre salary.

The so called insurance according to our employers is meant to:

(1) Cover GH₵18,000.00 for natural and accidental deaths.

(2) Cover of up to GH₵18,000 for permanent disability arising out of an accident or a serious illness.

(3) Cover of GH₵9,000 paid upon the diagnosis of a critical illness such as Cancer, Stokes, Kidney Failure, Heart Attacks, Paralysis and Deafness.

We now ask the million dollar question: what has happened to teachers’ conditions of service?

We are surprised at the turn of events as the government is trying to use subtle way to sweep teachers’ conditions of service under carpet and pretend to seeking our welfare through this lame policy with another agenda of milking desperate teachers.
Can’t the government institute a fund on our behalf to cover for these non common events that hardly occur in the lifetime of teachers.

If we think some so called Mother Union will come to our aid then probably we are not teachers.
We either rise up to demand for proper treatment or never. Teachers will continue to grope in darkness if we don’t rise. A group of intellectual dweebs are manipulating us to their whims and caprices.

The All Teachers Alliance Ghana (ATAG) is ready to fight the course of freedom and justice for teachers and we want all teachers to throw their support for us to achieve this.

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Isaac Ofori
National Chairman

Albert Dadson Amoah
General Secretary

Abraham.k. Arhin
Communication Director